Design & Build

Thinking of remodeling or adding a room, bath or kitchen? Never jump into a project without studying its process and feasibilities. Sometimes, what we dream and visualize won’t happen as we fail to properly plan and check all necessary factors. As such, we just end up being frustrated or we could be paying more for what we got. Good thing is that we are here to help you.

At DryOnes, we have formulated a systematic approach and process to perfectly achieve your goals. We just don’t dig into it and build without consultation from you, investigating, and thorough planning. We make sure that we:

Step 1: Project Consultation and Discovery

Consultation is a must. Consultation process is when we put into drawing all you want and need for the project. This is where we can visualize your dream house. Just tell us everything that you want, what you need and we will make sure that these will put into reality. We can also provide variety of options that you can consider. Having the right plan would be able us to provide you rough estimate and timeline so you can prepare for all the necessary things that you need. Remember, we don’t just build house or room, we build home and your safe haven based on your requirements.

Step 2: Design & Feasibility

The Design & Feasibility process must come next after the planning.This is the phase where we can evaluate and analyze the potential of the project. The Contractor and Senior Designer would be there to see the location and investigate on the possibilities and and limitation of your location. During the Design & Feasibility phase, we will prepare the preliminary set of plans based on the result of the investigation. Once approved, we will let you sign a letter of intent.

Step 3: Construction Phase

This is the final phase where we are all prepared and ready for the execution of the plans we have. We will let you know of the final budget , final scope of work, and all the final construction documents that are needed. We will also have the final drawings to include the floor plan, elevations, electrical, plumbing, etc as the construction would start in no time. Once the final construction agreement has been prepared and sign, we will immediately proceed with the construction. In no time, you will be having your dream home come to reality.

Here at DryOnes, we do our best to provide you timely construction with the highest possible standards in a reasonable costs. Call us about your remodeling project to see how our design/build process can work for you!